Röbbig München
Röbbig München

Röbbig Munich is one of the world’s leading vendors of outstanding Meissen porcelain. Our objects fulfil the highest demands in terms of quality, condition, originality and rarity and are accordingly restricted to wares stemming from the days of the manufactory’s prime between c. 1710 and 1750. But many other discoveries wait to be made in our porcelain chamber, ranging from a fine choice of very rare porcelain wares from the Viennese manufactory set up by Claudius Innocentius Du Paquier to carefully selected objects from Germany’s Frankenthal, Fürstenberg, Höchst, Ludwigsburg, Nymphenburg and KPM Berlin manufactories. In addition to porcelain, Röbbig Munich is also known for high-quality 18th century furniture, appointments, paintings, bronzes and clocks of French and German origin.

Brienner Strasse 25
80333 Munich

+49 89 29 97 58

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