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Francis Maere Fine Arts
Francis Maere Fine Arts

19TH – 20TH CENTURY PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS & SCULPTURES 1880-1930 Specialized in Belgian and European paintings, drawings and sculptures of the 19th & 20th Century with a special interest for the pre-impressionist and impressionist movement in Belgium 1880 -1910, Vie et Lumière (the Luminist tradition,) Les XX and the important Symbolist tradition. The avant-garde movements after World War I – Flemish Expressionism and the group of Sint-Martens-Latem, the cubist and pre-abstract movements in Antwerp, Brussels and Liege, and the very important surrealist influence with René Magritte and Paul Delvaux.

Hotel Falligan - 1 floor Kouter 172

+32 (0) 475 69 23 05

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