Adrian Schlag
Adrian Schlag

Adrian Schlag, member of “La Chambre Royale des Antiquaires et des Négociants en Œuvres d’Art de Belgique” and member of the Belgian Chamber of Art Experts, dealing in fine African and Oceanic tribal art for nearly twenty years. Acquaintance with Dr. Hans Himmelheber in the course of business administration studies at Heidelberg. Through this association with Himmelheber, the development of a years long friendship with Helmut Zake, director of the Friends of African Art group in Heidelberg at the time. After Helmut Zake’s death, President of the “Zake Circle” for two years. This laid the foundation for contacts with collectors and museums all over Europe. After having opened a gallery in Cologne, work in collaboration with Philippe Guimiot over a period of several years. In connection with this association, work at art fairs in Munich. Colon and Geneva. Move to Brussels in 1998. Regular participation in the BRUNEAF art fair in Brussels since 2002. Participation in the Parcours des Mondes art fair in Paris since 2004. First participation in the BRAFA Thurn & Taxis show in Brussels in 2011. Annual publication of exhibition catalogs Tribal Art Classics I-IV, since 2004. Emphasis is placed on the exhibition of African and Oceanic works of the highest quality, with impeccable provenance.

Rue des Minimes 31, 1st floor 1000

+34 617 666 098

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