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Geoffrey Diner Gallery
Geoffrey Diner Gallery

Earning its reputation through nearly 30+ years of experience, the Geoffrey Diner Gallery has become one of the world’s premier resources for individual collectors and museums seeking exceptional original works of fine art and design. Located in a turn-of-the-century row house in the historic Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC, the gallery, led by Geoffrey Diner, offers its clients a beautifully curated selection of masterpiece decorative and fine art, including works by the most renowned artists and designers. Geoffrey Diner Gallery also exhibits yearly at several of the world’s best art fairs, including New York City’s annual Winter Antiques Show since 1996, routinely deemed by art critics as having one of the fair’s most exciting booths, and Masterpiece London. In addition, Geoffrey Diner Gallery offers representation worldwide for buying and selling, as well as management of estates and collections.

1730 21st Street, NW
20009 Washington, D.C
United States

+1 202 904 5004

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