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Kollenburg Antiquairs
Kollenburg Antiquairs

Mischo van Kollenburg (1974) is a young Dutch antique dealer who, ever since he started his own business, has made a favorable impression because of the great quality and beauty of his collection. An impression not just in The Netherlands, but also abroad. Kollenburg Antiquairs is based in the small and picturesque village of Oirschot in the southern part of The Netherlands, not far from Eindhoven. Since 2006 Kollenburg has presented his collection at renowned exhibitions like Dutch Art Fair “PAN Amsterdam”, Brafa Brussels, Fine Art Asia Hongkong and as of 2015 at TEFAF Maastricht. Passionate about antiques, Mischo van Kollenburg succeeds time and again in finding the very best quality and the most beautiful

Postbus 171
5688 ZK Oirschot

+31(0) 49 95 78 037

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