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Floris Van Wanroij Fine Art
Floris Van Wanroij Fine Art

Floris van Wanroij Fine Art, an art dealership specializing in Dutch and Flemish Old Master Paintings, early European Sculpture and Works of Art from the Haute Époque period, was founded in 2008. Floris van Wanroij started collecting art and antiques at a very young age, in which he was very much supported by his family. Floris van Wanroij obtained a M.Phil in the History of Art and Culture cum laude (with distinction) from the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) and Cornell University (New York, United States of America). For his master thesis on Religious Art, he was awarded the Studentenprijs 2007 for excellent academic research by the Stichting Wetenschapsbeoefening UM.

Bergstraat 52
5551 AX Dommelen

+31 (0) 40 2040596

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